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ASSESSMENT: Comprehensive Batteries:

  • Autism
  • Gifted Body of Evidence
  • Learning Disability
  • Social Emotional Need


  • ADHD Hyperactive, Inattentive or Combined Type
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum or Social Communication Disorders
  • Depressive Disorders
  • CONSULTATION: Solutions with:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Teams

    SCHOOL SUCCESS: Recommendations for:

  • Advanced Learning Plans (ALP)
  • Individualized Educational Plans(IEP)
  • 504 Accommodations
  • Learning Style
  • As a licensed School Psychologist and Outstanding Graduate from the University of Colorado at Denver’s Educational Specialist program, Beth has been trained to perform cognitive, behavioral and personality assessments that provide vital information about how kids learn and how to help them thrive. Her expertise has been honed over her fifteen year career in many roles in all levels of schooling ranging from preschool to adult education. The breadth of that experience has encompassed four Denver school districts, facility and alternative schools. The wide scope of her experience has ranged from School Based Counselor, Educational Liaison, Special Education Teacher, School Psychologist, to University Licensure as a School Administrator. Over the course of her work in schools, she has been honored to help the processes of students with challenges such as autism, attentional issues, learning difficulties, behavioral challenges, and social emotional uniqueness associated with giftedness.In line with the training provided School Psychologists, Beth has mastered the art of assessing individuals for their unique strengths and areas of need to best overcome challenges.


    Beth’s expertise on measures including cognitive domains such as verbal and nonverbal capacity helps guide program determination based on what students’ strengths and needs are across areas. Executive Functioning assessment including working memory, processing speed and how these abilities impact school based requirements leads to useful remedial strategies. Beth is skilled in the identification and diagnosing of dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia by means of specific achievement testing to analyze any areas of deficit in individual performance. Within these diagnoses, specific skill deficits can be identified to create or revise plans for their most impact.


    Diagnostic measures for attentional concerns and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder can help determine if strategies and recommendations could help a student be more successful based on those findings. Beth has had a pivotal role in families’ processes that involve ruling this diagnosis in or out to best address student struggles. Consideration across home and school environments aids in accurate diagnosis of ADHD Hyperactive, Inattentive or Combined Types, as well as possibility that this is not the root cause of a child’s dilemma. “As an educator for 25 years and the parent of a son with ADHD, Beth was able to shine new light on my son’s disability.” Mathew Dupont.


    Over the course of her work experience, Beth has become an expert in working with students with autism spectrum disorders. As a school counselor in a residential girls’ facility, Beth began to differentiate the social emotional needs and systematic support needed by kiddos with these types of needs. As a School Psychologist at the secondary level, she helped create plans and social support for students in the Transition Program at the end of their high school experiences. She gleaned the high importance of increasing socially acceptable behavior, adaptive skills and independence so vital for these young people’s success in the community.


    Beth has a lifetime of experience with the gifted population and programming. As a child, she was identified and placed into a program in her youth. As a School Psychologist, she taught the Cherry Creek Schools curriculum for motivating gifted students in high school. Her experience with identification, program placement, and application needs spans across all grade levels and she has extensive knowledge of school and enrichment options across the front range. “Thanks for completing these reports on such short notice for an application deadline to a better suited gifted program.” -Parent of confidential student in need of data for a rapidly approaching admission deadline.


    As an advocate for all students, Beth has had experience with a wide range of children across the diagnostic spectrum. Her familiarity with anxiety and how it impedes student’s ability to perform to their best ability includes students who have learning disabilities to those who are twice exceptional. Likewise, her ability to identify and diagnose depression has aided students across many educational settings. As a functional behaviorist, she has expertise in examining behaviors’ root cause and developing strategies for replacement behavior to increase success. “I was lucky enough to study under Beth Lloyd in her Elementary school for one semester. To this day, I have yet to find someone so committed to the success of their students” -Jeremy Wilson, University of Colorado PsyD Candidate

    Is your child struggling at school?

    • “Had it not been for Beth,
      there is no question that our son would have abandoned
      his longtime desire to become an attorney.
      No words are sufficient enough to express our gratitude.”

      Josephine GeffonHouston, Texas
    • “As an educator and school administrator for 25 years and the parent of a son with ADHD, Beth was able to shine new light on my son’s disability and provide me with exceptional strategies to help him with organizational skills, during a time when nothing else was working.”

      Mathew DupontParent of 17 year old college applicant
    • “Thanks for completing these reports on such short notice.”

      Parent of confidential studentIn need of application data for a rapidly approaching admission deadline
    • “I was lucky enough to study under Beth Lloyd in her Elementary school for one semester. To this day, I have yet to find someone so committed to the success of their students.”

      Jeremy WilsonUniversity of Colorado PsyD Candidate
    • “Mrs. Lloyd went above and beyond her role as school psychologist by facilitating social skill groups with students in my Multi Intensive Autism classroom.”

      Lynette Kelly MS. ED.LSS Teacher Littleton Public Schools


    • The most current appropriate tools are
      utilized to ascertain cognitive ability
      including the Weschler Intelligence Scale-Fifth Edition, Kaufman Assessment Battery For Children-Second Edition,
      or more specific measures.
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    • In order to assess academic domains, the Woodcock Johnson-Third Edition battery can be used to compare student performance in academic domains to a normative sample of their peers. In addition, specific measures to determine specific area needs.
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    • Comprehensive evaluation to determine autism spectrum disorders can include cognitive, social and communication measures to determine areas of specific need to aid in programming and recommendations best suited to individual needs.
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    • Assessment of cognitive strengths and areas of relative need related to processing and memory aid in the diagnosis of ADHD where appropriate. In addition, consideration of specific factors in executive functioning can be determined by means from home and school checklists.
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    Social Emotional

    • Questionnaires for parents, teachers and individuals can be scored to differentiate social emotional concerns including anxiety, depression, internalizing vs, externalizing factors. This is often essential in determining the underlying issues related to behavior.
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    Full Diagnostic

    • In order to diagnose learning disabilities and affiliated social emotional challenges, a comprehensive battery including cognitive assessment, achievement testing across academic domains aid in gaining a full picture of strengths and needs to best serve your child.
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